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Lois Jean Regan Obituary...

Lois Jean Regan
Mrs. Lois Jean Regan, 70 of Hillman, Michigan died peacefully on August 17, 2018 at her home. Below is the obituary she graciously wrote herself.

"I was born on October 22, 1947 to Betty and Stan. It was a very good year. I'm remembered as Lois Anderson. In 1986 I exchanged that last name for Regan. After living in Coldwater, Michigan for sixteen years, I left home and ventured outward to places I never would have believed I'd get to go. Conversely, I experienced more than I ever believed I'd experience. I have amazing memories--and some not so lovely, but definitely instructive and each one led me, after a length of time, to my understanding of God. I leave behind as much as is possible. Whatever may be sticking to me after I leave, will slip off before I get to my final home. Believe me when I say that I'm not entirely certain how that works. In October of 1986 I met and married Charley Regan. In December of '87 we moved from Rochester, Michigan to Hillman. I have had the most amazing friends and longtime acquaintances during this life of mine, some still with me, some not. Related by my father's blood are two half-sisters, Merry Ahrens and Jerri Wagner. Sharing both my parents is my brother, Eric, and may I say right now that I am blessed beyond measure for his presence in my life as well as his children, Christopher and Tiffany and their tribes. But my best friend and significant other is my "sister" Shirley. She is my dear companion; she soothes my soul. I brought Brian Barber and Kris Collins into this world and with them I share their marriage partners, Sandra and David. From Kris and Dave I am given two beautiful grandsons, Louie and Carter. My gratitude extends to Hospice of Northern Michigan and MCCOA as well as NEMSCA. Their kindness and care has been wonderful not only for me, but my family also. Severe end stage emphysema is what finally took me down. However, I prefer the thought that death is really caused by birth. God's peace and blessings be on all of you. And take it from me, it really is, "one day at a time," that's what my friends, Bill W. and Dr. Bob S. tried to teach me, but I didn't' really understand that until recently."

A lifelong nurse, Lois began her career while raising two young children. She served in a variety of capacities from hospitals, to nursing homes, to in-home care. After relocating to Hillman, Lois developed her own nursing model that provided vital in-home foot care services to people living with circulatory problems. Lois was a natural at nursing--a true caregiver and advocate for all her patients throughout the years. She owned and operated Feet First for 12 years in Hillman. As a loving mom to Brian and Kris, she raised her kids with a keen understanding of life's realities, expecting them to be honest with others and true to themselves. In times of trouble, Lois provided her ear, her shoulder, and her unwavering love. A favorite song of hers--asking Kris to sing it to her during her last days-- "Let It Be" by the Beatles. Lois' passing does not leave a hole in their hearts, rather Lois has left her children a warm shining light in their hearts, one which will be felt for an eternity. The artist in Lois emerged and flourished after relocating to Hillman. Her love of communing with nature led her to her artistic style--her favorite work being with clay sculpting. The various art works that she created over the years will carry her memory into the many homes (and hearts) where the pieces reside. She enjoyed to play guitar and sing, as well as jump in her truck and go for a ride. Lois was an inspiration to many people--facing some of life's challenging events, Lois made strides to not merely "get through" a tough time, but to seek out the true message behind the event--to discover what the lesson in it was for her. Lois believed that with the teachings of Christ and with guidance from God she would find peace in her life. It would seem from her own writing that she did find peace.

Lois did not live with regrets. She addressed her choices that may be considered "regretful" but that meant, again, trying to learn from the situation in order to make better choices in the future--and to also forgive herself. Lois believed that no matter where we think we might end up after our days on Earth are over, we are to travel through our life making our best efforts to truly LIVE our best lives. Lois preferred to see the good in people--she had immense understanding of and empathy for others, and was a champion for the underdogs in life. She kept special places in her heart for those who needed compassion the most--for people who may have been "tossed aside" by others in life. Lois could see the beauty in people when they themselves may not have been able too. Lois will be missed by many, yet her spirit truly lives on and will be felt in the most loving way by those who were lucky enough to know her.

She is survived by her husband, Charley Regan of Hillman; son, Brian (Sandra) Barber of Germany; Charles Regan of Plymouth; daughter, Kris (David) Collins of Warren; grandchildren, Carter, Louie, Dylan, and Denae; brother, Eric Anderson of Coldwater; sisters, Merry Ahrens of Battle Creek; Jerri Wagner of Florida; nephew, Chris Anderson; niece, Tiffany Anderson; and best friend and "sister," Shirley Ledger. She was preceded in death by her parents, Betty and Stan Anderson.

As were her wishes, cremation has taken place and there will be a family gathering in celebration of her life at a later date. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to Hospice of Northern Michigan. Their loving services were vital in Lois' ability to live out her remaining days in her own home.

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